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The premier TLD for travel, vacation spots, stores, restaurants, businesses, countries & regions, and website destinations. Choosing .VISIT is the perfect way to reach a global audience and give credibility and trustworthiness to your website.

.VISIT for Tourism

Let the world know that you are all about travel and tourism, places to go and people to see. Cities (NYC.visit, London.visit), countries (France.visit, Sweden.visit), landmarks (GrandCanyon.visit, EiffelTower.visit), and vacation hotspots (Vegas.visit, Yosemite.visit) were made to be used for just this purpose.

.VISIT for Businesses

Are you a company or a business? Do you own a retail store or do you sell products online? .VISIT is ideal at making your online presense known. Own the category defining name (Restaurants.visit, Movies.visit, Plumber.visit), or use it with the name of your business (MariosPizza.visit, PetPalace.visit, NorthMedical.visit) for instant memorability.

.VISIT for Websites

With .VISIT being a call to action, it urges people to check out your website. CryptoForum.visit, DietTips.visit, Metaverse.visit, and MyBlog.visit are a few examples of domains you might register to entice more people to visit to your website.

.VISIT for You

As you can see there are plenty of good reasons to choose .VISIT for your website. Get yours now before someone else registers your perfect name!

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What are Handshake Domains?

Handshake is a naming protocol that is backwards compatible with the existing DNS system. It does not replace the DNS protocol, but instead expands the root zone file where TLD ownership information is stored and the root servers with a distributed and decentralized blockchain-based system, which nobody controls and anybody can use. This allows the root zone to be uncensorable, permissionless, and free of gatekeepers like ICANN.

Please be aware that this is an experimental DNS system and these domains do no show up on the web without using special DNS servers, browsers or plugins. It is the goal that this system of domain TLDs will become widely accepted and adopted. For more information on Handshake, please visit the Handshake Learning Center.